Advice from a global perspective

Accurate advice on trends and developments in the agricultural sector

With the rapid development of corporate interest in the agriculture sector, Strat Agri can provide an experienced perspective and relevant information to potential and new entrants. Working globally provides Strat Agri with a unique, highly specialised and well regarded perspective on the current and future opportunities in the Australian domestic and global agricultural sector.

For new investors, we provide objective and concise contributions to the development of prospective investments and proposals. Our support, processes and proven expertise assists clients in negating poor investment decisions and making the best choices when entering this diverse and challenging space.

Project evaluation

Independent, expert analysis of new ventures

Agri-businesses or agri-investors considering developing and progressing potential projects can be assisted by an independent and objective evaluation of their proposal. Development of the proposal by Strat Agri, either independently or in conjunction with your team provides a cost-effective, risk minimisation and opportunity maximisation strategy to the proposal development.

Our objective and comprehensive reports provide analysis on project viability, as well as a fully integrated Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis. Through our careful, considered and thorough approach, it is our aim to highlight the greatest pathway to success, as well as any potential pitfalls and challenges inherent in new ventures.

Strategic plan

Whole-of-business plans for long-term success

With the complexities and challenges involved in managing modern agriculture enterprise, Strat Agri brings big-picture planning into focus and provides a clear pathway to a sustainable, successful future for agri-businesses, big and small.


Integrated, goal-oriented project planning

Strat Agri provides a completely unique mix of skills and experience that ensure agri-businesses and proposals benefit from its creative strategies, geared to maximise success.

Identification and development of the most suitable strategy, business structure, funding, alliances and requirements of the investor are paramount. These are all identified and integrated into a proposal that is developed collaboratively with the client and Strat Agri.

Business coaching

Objective and informed support for critical decision-making processes

Key decision points are critical to the success of your business and can be stressful and challenging times for your management team. Strat Agri brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and a unique blend of external and independent perspective that objectively identifies solutions and opportunities, many of which are often overlooked by internal stakeholders.



Expert advice and creative solutions

The mentoring and guidance offered by Strat Agri is tailored and delivered by Managing Director, Murray Gmeiner, a well respected, experienced and knowledgeable contributor to the agricultural industry globally. Murray’s wealth of expertise will add many independent areas of value to your business, as well as delivering critical success to short and long term financial and investment goals.


In-depth analysis of business challenges

Diverse and complex operations often encounter challenges in coordinating all aspects of their business, with various factors affecting the farming enterprise working counter-productively. Strat Agri can identify any issues that need to be addressed to ensure that all areas of your business are working in unison towards a common goal – Success.


Investment Management

Oversight and management of agri-investments over a wide variety of enterprises and locations

Strat Agri implement and coordinate the systematic provision and management of all forms of agri-assets. Our team provide proven expertise to an extensive group of organisations, throughout a diverse range of locations and disciplines, both in Western Australia and beyond. Each client benefits from the creation of a tailored investment management strategy, customised to reap maximum reward. With a continued high level of input and involvement as the asset matures, Strat Agri is with you all the way.

Rain maker

Relationships with global leading organisations and individuals

They say relationships are everything and, in an industry where the weather is both friend and foe, having access to corporate and capital networks is invaluable. With its global business history and clients throughout the world, Strat Agri can introduce your agri-business or agri-project to world leading companies, investors and brands. Prosper with Strat Agri.